Thursday, September 13, 2012

Artist Series: Alexander Newman

Taking a more sporadic approach to how I interview artists, I plan nothing in advance (besides the meeting itself) - no questions, themes, or prefabricated conversation topics.  It has seemingly turned into a beautiful process. 

On my drive to Columbus, Ohio, en route to Travonna Coffee Shop in the Short North Art District located on High Street, I realized that these interviews entailed common themes - coffee shops, a few awkward silences, lots of smiles, good chai lattes, and more importantly, some of the most stimulating thoughts about art that even my undergraduate art theory classes couldn't fully initiate.  My recent conversation with fellow Miami University graduate, Alexander Newman was no exception.

Discovering his photography through a winter open house hosted by Miami University's Art Department in the Winter/Spring of 2010 - an obsession ensued.  In fact, my first purchase of fine art was Alex's Self Portrait, taken while attending Miami University.  

It was quickly apparent that Alex's interest in photography, lay in both its versatility and materiality.  Switching between fashion photography, self portraiture, and night life scenes, Alex has obtained the maturity of a seasoned photographer.  I particularly enjoyed our conversations about the influence that film and cinema have upon his work. He is inspired by the thought that every moment he captures will never return - to either himself, or his subject.

Since starting graduate school in art history last month, I have had the pleasure of watching his career evolve into his newest project, Last Nite - where through indulging himself into nightlife culture, he captures the purest moments of America's youth - in which inhibitions, cares, and worries are forfeited in an effort to encapsulate a modern-day version of Bresson's "decisive moment".

With as many interests and possibilities that Alex has, I sincerely look forward to his upcoming projects! 

You can check out more of his work, here!

(Alex's girlfriend, Sarah Robison - whom I also had the pleasure of studying with at Miami University)

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